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Product Alfinase PT Indo Acidatama TBK After carrying out research and testing over a long period of time, PT. INDO ACIDATAMA Tbk. has succeeded in producing Bio Organic Fertilizer Plus which is marketed under brand names Pomi and Randex. Bio Organic Fertilizer Plus Pomi and Randex, is produced by combining organic bio technology, agriculture science and soil microbiology, to meet the present and future needs of organic farmers.

Pomi and Randex are Bio Organic Fertilizer Plus, and not only standart fertilizers, because apart from making the soil fertile and improving harvest (potentianlly improving yield by 50%). Pomi dan Randex also assists in revitalizing and improving soil fertility which had deteriorated due to excess use of inorganic fertilizers over a long period of time.

As Pomi and Randex also improves balance between micro & macro aspects of soil to optimize yield. Then can be used in combination with organic compost and inorganic fertilizer (25% up to 50%).

Pomi and Randex are complete, balance and multi purpose Bio Organic Fertilizer Plus Salient ingridients of Pomi and Randex are :

  • Microbes such as Azotobacter, Azospirillum, Actinomycetes, Bacillus, Ectomycorizha, Lactobacillus, Pseudomonas, Rhizobium, and yeast, produce organic material, and assist in Nitrogen fixation, accelerating Phosphorous and Pottasium solubility.
  • Availability of micro and macro elements such as N, P, K, Ca, Mg, Si, Fe, Mn, Mo, B, Cl, Zn, Cu.
  • Availability of vitamins, enzymes, amino acids in balanced quantities;
  • Plant growth regulator in balanced quantities, which harmonize vegetative and generative phases of plants.
  • Availability of plant desease inhibitor.
  • Base material is organic, therefore Pomi and Randex as an organic fertilizer will improve soil fertility and they are environment friendly.

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Product BEKA PT IncoAcidatama TBKBEKA is a product which functions as a Decomposer of organic material from plants and animals for producing compost.

BEKA is produced by bio technological process of organic material, using high quality organic microbes (primarily cellulose and lignin) such as Azospirillum, Pseudomonas, and yeast which also assist in Nitrogen fixation and accelerating Phosphorous and Potassium solubility.

Product BEKA PT IncoAcidatama TBK Application of BEKA will accelerate the composting process, at the same time provide vital microbes which are useful for the soil and crops.

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Product Alfinase PT IncoAcidatama TBK For horticulture plants as plant nutrition is produced under the brand name ALFINASE. Apart from containing ingredients which are essential for the plants, ALFINASE is also fortified with vitamins and minerals plant growth regulator, strengthen roots, and stimulate growth of branches, leaves and fruits.

ALFINASE stimulates growth, flowering and result more maximum.

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