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Company's History The company was initially set up as PT INDO ALKOHOL UTAMA (in 1983), and later changed to PT INDO ACIDATAMA CHEMICAL INDUSTRY (in 1986) to operate in the agro chemical Industry with ethanol as its primary product.

The factory was built in 1987 with an area of 11 hectares and installed capacity of 18,000 kl p.a. of ethanol; 12,000 tons p.a of acetic acid; and 4,500 tons p.a ethyl acetate.

After several expansions and modifications to the plant, which were carried out over a decade, our production capacity became the largest in Indonesia with 22 hectares area. After merger with PT SARASA NUGRAHA Tbk in October 2005, we became a public listed company with shares traded at the Indonesian Stock Exchange under the code of SRSN categorized under Basic Chemical Industry. In May 2006 the company was renamed as PT INDO ACIDATAMA Tbk.

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Professionalism in an Era of Globalization With an commitment to always do our best, and prioritizing customer satisfaction, we always strive to be innovative and creative in alignment with our vision to : "Be The Frontunner of the Agro Chemical Industry on the International Platform with an Environment Friendly Outlook".

Our Vision, as stated above will be realized throught our Mission: To be the leader in the ethanol industry; To always prioritize customer satisfaction and contribute to economic and social development; To align the production process, keeping in view the environment aspect, as well as guarantee product quality; To always build a trustworthy relationship with our employees, distributors, and suppliers; and To support individual abilities as well as team work while prioritizing employee welfare.

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Pillar of Growth of PT Indo Acidatama TBK Human resources are the pillars of growth of PT. INDO ACIDATAMA Tbk. All Employees function effectively and efficiently. Each employee is fully aware of his duties and responsibilities, and has high level of commitment to the company. This is a key factor in better result of the company. The company also recognizes that to achieve better result, a trained, dedicated and loyal employee provides significant contribution.

Our valued human resources regularly participate in seminars, symposiums, and workshops, in Indonesia as well as overseas.

PT. INDO ACIDATAMA Tbk takes steps to ensure that the employees are well trained and highly motivated. Harmonous employee relationship is a salient feature of PT. INDO ACIDATAMA Tbk.

This culture will be developed further to realize the Vision and Mission of the company, and ensure that dedication, loyalty and morale of the employee is always high. As part of its employee welfare program, the company has health insurance, pension, polyclinic, cooperative stores, and religious facilities. Apart from this, the company also conducts regular activities such as sports competition, cultural, and family recreational programs.

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For The Future Generation of PT Indo Acidatama TBK Our commitment to maintain a green environment will be realized with the launching of our Bio Organic Fertilizer Plus marketed under the brand names of POMI and RANDEX, as well as Decomposer Plus marketed under the brand name of BEKA. Beside increasing yield, our organic products improve soil fertility, and in turn, over a periode of time, will result in a greener environment and better health for the world's population. This basic commitment is ongoing and dedicated to a green earth and our better future generation!